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An exclusive mix of the title track from Viva Stereo's forthcoming album "Endure the Dark, to See the Stars" can be downloaded for FREE from the new Viva Stereo bandcamp website. There are only a limited number of free downloads and this mix will not be on the album so be quick!



Gigs for 2012
Sunday August 26th - Leicester Firebug Biff Bang Pow Presents 'Lazy Sunday' All-dayer
Viva Stereo onstage approx 8.30pm Free Entry - Also on the bill Lonely Tourist, Silver Factory, Nat Johnson, The Bobby McGee's, JC Thomaz, Daylight Frequencies, Luke Whittemore, The Most Ugly Child, Jonny Eager plus DJ's, Vintage clothes stalls and BBQ.  FREE ENTRY  1pm-3am

Saturday February 18th - Glasgow ABC2 with FOUND and Lonely Tourist Buy tickets here

Saturday February 26th - Leicester Firebug with Daylight Frequencies and Parliament of Bats (part of Biff Bang Pow Club Night) plus special guest DJ's til 8pm-3am


Viva Stereo Links

Posted by Viva Stereo on Fri 3rd Aug 2012


It's been a while since we reported back to you all to let you know what we are upto. So lets see...

Our last gigs back in February went really well and it was great to play live with a full line up. Massive thanks to Katie, Derek and Gav for making us sound better than we ever could. Unfortunately due to other commitments we don't think we'll be able to keep this up as the logistics were interesting to say the least but if you didn't make it along to the gig you can check out some footage from Youtube to see our extended line up as our friend Michael recorded most of the ABC2 gig:
Alpha State
Jesus Son
Copper Wire/Severed Head
There's a Riot Goin' On

Moving on...we have recently got back into the rehearsal room and started writing towards a future release. No concrete plans and only a few rough ideas at the moment but there are some positive signs and hopefully we'll be back in the studio before the end of the year to get some of it recorded.

Gig wise, we?ve got one gig booked at the moment. Stuart is organising an all day festival in Leicester on Bank Holiday Sunday August 26th. We'll be playing as a four piece and going through some of our more 'electro' moments from the past 10 years. The gig is free and the full line up can be found here:

So, if Viva Stereo have had a fairly quiet 2012 we?ve still kept ourselves busy.

Tim and Doug have been recording Leicester band Parliament of Bats and Chem19 with the help of Derek O'Neill. Parliament of Bats supported Viva Stereo at our February Leicester gig and Tim enjoyed them so much he invited them upto Chem19 to record some tracks. More details will follow but we've also done a remix of one of the tunes.

Stuart has started a new band called 'Children of Leir'. The two piece', described as 'Motorik-driven, mystical-horror influenced, psychedelic pop' have played one gig so far and have their debut album due for release soon: Here a clip here.
Stuart's also been busy with his club night Biff Bang Pow and organising the 'Lazy Sunday' all day festival. For any of you who enjoyed his 'After Closing Time' compilation series you can download some free mixes featuring similar 'psyche-funk-garage-delic' stuff here:

Lastly some of our musical friends have recently released some records which you should get your hands on:

Lonely Tourists second album is fantastic and he'll be joining us on the bill at Leicester's Lazy Sunday.
Malcolm Middleton's debut album under the ?Human Don?t Be Angry? moniker is out now and definitely worth a listen.
Ambrose Tompkins have a new album out which has been on our playlist since it arrived in June:

Finally, great to hear Candythief is still releasing records and playing live:

Ok that?s all for now.

New EP

Posted by Viva Stereo on Tue 31st Jan 2012

First of all happy New Year to you all...
Lots to talk about in this newsletter for once! We've finally managed to get a couple of gigs sorted.  Its worth noting that its been three years since we played in Glasgow will the full line up so if you do fancy coming along, please do as this may be your only chance for a while! 

New Single
We will be releasing 'New Life' as the next single.  This will be downloadable for £3 only and you can get this from our bandcamp site.

The EP includes remixes by FOUND, Onthefly & Little Victories and Viva Stereo cover versions by Lonely Tourist and Iona Marshall, and to celebrate out tenth year as band a special new 2012 version of 'Jesus Son' mixed by Derek O?Neill. 

Sat Feb 18th  - ABC2 Glasgow
Sat Feb 25th  - Firebug, Leicester(part of Biff Bang Pow club night)

Saturday February 18th 2012
Glasgow ABC2 Sauchiehall Street
This is our first Glasgow gig in a couple of years and falls on the tenth anniversary of our very first Glasgow gig back in 2002 at Sleazies. 
The full line up for the night is:
Viva Stereo
Lonely Tourist

Please note this is an early show with the first act going onstage at 7.30pm, last band on at 9.15pm. Over 14?s are allowed in but do need to be accompanied by an adult.  Tickets cost £6 and are available from:

Viva Stereo - Viva Stereo's first gig in Glasgow since 2008, the band will be playing songs from their latest album 'Endure the Dark to See The Stars'.  The core line up of Viva Stereo will be joined by Gav Brown on live drums, Derek O?Neill on keys and Katie Duffy on violin.  If it takes us that long to sort out a gig then we'd recommend you get along to this one as it may be sometime before we play again!

Found - Chemikal Undergound signing's  FOUND - Fence Collective members FOUND signed to Chemikal Underground last year and released a cracking album called  'Factorycraft'.  If you haven't checked this band out yet then you are missing out.  Last year they have toured with The Phantom Band, played in India with King Creosote and released a 7" single available on playable chocolate!
"Much like kindred spirits The Beta Band once did, this is a band plugging the gap between pop finesse and esoteric art school gristle without reverting to gimmicks or cliché. And, for Found, that?s very little to be surprised about" ? Drowned in Sound

Lonely Tourist - We first met Paul Tierney aka Lonely Tourist when he was a member of Scottish indie band Odeon Beat Club back in 2002.  Viva Stereo played their first ever gig at King Tuts with Odeon Beat Club and we stayed friends ever since.  Odeon Beat Club split up in 2008 with Paul starting his solo project Lonely Tourist and relocating to Bristol. A firm favorite in the Bristol Scene Lonely Tourist released his debut album this year which has never been far from the Viva Stereo er..stereo's...
"fine songwriting...finely textured and fully band-backed" - Venue Magazine
'an album which has real hidden depths' - Is This Music 
"'clever, funny and eminently listenable" - SHOFT website
Saturday February 25th 2012
Leicester Firebug
As some of you may know our singer Stuart moved to Leicester a few years ago now so we?ve decided to head down and play a gig down there.
We'll be playing Firebug in Leicester on Saturday February 25th. This is part of Stuart?s 'Biff Bang Pow' club night that he has been running for the past 4 years so should be a cracker.  Also on the bill are local faves Daylight Frequencies and Parliament of Bats.  £4 on the door.  8pm-11pm Bands, 11pm-3am DJ's.

Ok, that's all for now.  Hopefully see you at the gigs!

Viva Stereo

2012 Gigs

Posted by Viva Stereo on Thu 15th Dec 2011

You can buy tickets for our ABC2 gig now by going here

Posters designed by Ian Percival of Piper Gates Design

Best laid plans and all that

Posted by Viva Stereo on Sun 16th Oct 2011

Ok so we had hoped by now we'd be bringing you news of a Glasgow date in 2011 and how exciting this would all be.   Trouble is, in real life these days things take a lot longer to organise and by the time we actually got round to agreeing on a date that we could all do, we couldn't find a venue!   To be fair we have all been busy with allsorts of stuff so it's not exactly been easy.  In addition with the extended line up we wanted to book somewhere that we would be comfortable playing.
In the end we decided to push the date back to February 18th 2012.  This ties in quite nicely as our very first Glasgow gig was 12th February 2002 - so it's almost exactly ten years to the day.   We'll be playing ABC2 with some very special guests and more details will be announced nearer the time.  Obviously we haven't played Glasgow for almost 3 years so if its going to be another 3 years before we play again we'd love to see you all...especially any 'old' usual we want the gig to be more of a party/event than just a normal gig.

The Glasgow gig will be followed by wa trip down to Leicester on Feb 26th to play at Stuart's Biff Bang Pow Club night.  Full details to follow.

We'll also be releasing 'New Life' as a single to tie in with the gig.  Again more details to follow.

We're also pleased to announce one of the songs from the last album(still available from De-Fence records website!) will be featured on the new series of the BBC3 programme Lip Service.

Ok that's all for now...look out for more news in 2012.

Merchant City Festival - After Closing Time Vol. 10

Posted by Viva Stereo on Sat 16th Jul 2011

We are pleased to announce we will be playing not one but two gigs this Friday(July 22nd) at The Merchant City Festival in Glasgow.  Once again we will be without Stuart but the rest of us will be again be joined by Derek O'Neil on keys and Gav Brown on drums.
We'll be playing at 8.30pm on the  Outdoor Stage Brunswick Street, Merchant City, Glasgow.
the second gig will be at the Tron Theatre details to follow.

To continue the celebrations of Viva Stereo?s 10th year as a band we are pleased to announce we have a new Volume of  'After Closing Time' available for download.  For those who are new to this, it is basically a compilation album that we release every year given away free to folk who want it.  Traditionally we have sent actual cds out but to save a bit of hassle and money we've made this one downloadable.  However if you want an actual cd copy then this can still be arranged, just send your address to vivastereo 'at' Hotmail dot com and we?ll sort it out.
Download it here:
Stuart - "This is the 10th compilation I've done and hopefully I've introduced some new bands and tunes to folk over the years.  This one is a wee bit different as in the past I've tried to mix styles up as much as possible.  However, as I sit here on a summers day with the rain pissing down outside I've decided to try and make a soundtrack to suit a psychedelic road trip movie, think Easy Rider, Vanishing Point, whether or not it comes across that way or not I dunno but hopefully you'll enjoy it?."
1)      Del Shannon - I think I Love You
2)      Johnny Halliday - A Tout Casser
3)      Samson & Delilah - Will You Be Ready?
4)      Bo Diddley - I Don't Like You
5)      Bobby Franklin's Insanity - Bring It On Down to Me
6)      Bear Brothers - Red Show Trucken
7)      Barry St John - Long and Lonely Night
8)      Carolyn Franklin - Reality
9)      Tangeers - What?s the Use of me Tryin'?
10)   Ray Sharpe - Earthquake
11)   Noel Odom & The Group - Come on Down to Earth
12)   Justine - Right Now
13)   Kirk St James - Tears I Cry
14)   Golden Dawn - Starvation
15)   Dave Davies - Creeping Jean
16)   Lenny Williams - Feeling Blue
17)   Paul Brett's Sage - 3D Mona Lisa
18)   The Sand Dollars - Get Thy bearings
19)   Benny Soaebardja - Candlelight
20)   Mamma Cass - California Earthquake
21)   The What's New - Up So High
22)   Vanusa - Atomico Platonico
23)   Joyride - Crystal Ship
24)   The City - I Wasn't Born to Follow
25)   Tom Baker - Om Pax Om
26)   Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were the One
27)   Johnny Rivers - Look Into Your Soul
28)   Bobby Womack - California Dreamin'


June 2011 - News

Posted by Viva Stereo on Fri 10th Jun 2011

First of all we are pleased to announce that Katie Duffy will be joining us as a full-time member on violin, guitar, percussion and backing vocals.  Katie has been with us from more or less the start and has played on all four of our albums.  She made her first appearance with us at this years Fence Records HomeGame.
We'd also like to welcome Derek O'Neill on board.  Derek will be playing keys on our live dates and will be playing a similar role to Gav in that he will not be joining full-time but will help us out as and when he is needed.  Derek also made his debut at this years Fence HomeGame.
We?d like to thank Johnny, Kenny and all at fence for inviting us to play the 2011 HomeGame. We were bit under-rehearsed but the gig went pretty well all things considering.  The set list was:
There's a Riot Goin' On
New Life
Endure the Dark
Got Myself Lost
Severed Head.

There?s some live footage of Vultures on Youtube here:

We are in the process of sorting out some gigs for later in the year.  However we will be playing this years West End Festival on Sunday June 19th.  Entry to the festival is Free and we will be onstage at around 6.30pm.  Sadly Stuart is unable to make it up for this gig so we will be playing the gig without him.   For more details on the Festival check out:

Ok that is all for now.


April 2011 News

Posted by Viva Stereo on Wed 27th Apr 2011

Ok, album is due out on May 9th. Thanks to all you folks who have already pre-ordered it.  If you haven't done so yet there is still time to Pre-Order the album AND claim a free album from our back catalogue.  Please go here for more details:

This offer lasts until May 3/5/11. After which time you will still be able to purchase the album from the above link - you just won't get a free cd with it.

Homegame Gig
We will be announcing some gigs later in the year to promote the album.  In the meantime we are please to announce we will be playing this years Fence Records Homegame in Anstruther on 6th/7th/8th May 2011 .  Always a pleasure and privilege to play and we are looking forward to unveiling our new set. Also on the bill are:
Unfortunately if you haven't got a ticket the event is already sold out.

Listening Party
Thanks to everyone who came along to the listening party and special thanks to Mike Nisbet and Ziggy Campbell for playing.  A few sound problems on the night but it was good to see so many faces out.

We've also uploaded our backcatalog onto bandcamp so if you wish to pick up some mp3s check out:

Ok, take care for now?

Viva Stereo

Pre-Order the New album and Get a BAck Catalog album for Free!!

Posted by Viva Stereo on Thu 3rd Mar 2011

A long cold Winter is drawing to a close(well it is supposed to be!) and we?re willing on Spring to get us all in a good mood again. 
2011 marks the tenth year of Viva Stereo's existence.  Ten years of waiting for the great leap forward and ten years of ups, downs and in betweens - but its not over yet?.

New Album
The main news for us is we have finished our 4th album 'Endure the Dark to See the Stars' which will be released on May 9th through Fence Records off-shoot De-Fence Records

As a special offer you can pre-order the album for £10(plus P&P) and claim a free album from our back catalogue free of charge! Go here to order

Endure the Dark to See the Stars
New Life
Got Myself Lost
Good Friend
There's a Riot Goin' On
My Beating Heart
We Set Sail

Album Listening Party
For those of you in the Central Belt of Scotland, we will be holding an album Listening Party on Saturday 26th March at Carters, 185 Morrison Street, EH3 8DZ Edinburgh(5 mins from Haymarket Station).  Entry is free and as well as being able to purchase the album we will have live performances from Ziggy Campbell(Found) and Mike Nisbit plus a DJ set from Onthefly(Fence Collective) on until late. So please come along.

Ok, take care for now?

Viva Stereo

Album Playback

Posted by Viva Stereo on Tue 25th Jan 2011

Ok another year and some more news from Viva Stereo land.
2011 is our tenth year as a band.  Well, kinda.  We played our very first gig in Feb 2002.  However we did get together in June 2001 and played one song as a band, live at an open Mic night in Nov 2001.  SO, as we have a new album for release this year we thought we'd tie it in with our tenth anniversary.
So yes, our new album.  We'll be releasing it through De-Fence Records in May.  It?s called 'Endure the Dark to See the Stars' and we think it's possibly our finest collection of songs so far.  The tracklisting is as follows:
1)       Vultures
2)       Endure the Dark to See the Stars
3)       New Life
4)       Dogs
5)       Room to Manoeuvre
6)       Met a Good Friend
7)       Got Myself Lost
8)       There's a Riot Going On
9)       We Set Sail
10)   Endure the Dark(Orchestral mix)
11)   Quiescence 2010
Saturday 26th March 
Album Playback + OTF DJ set + very special guest acoustic performances 
EDINBURGH, Carters, 185 Morrison St 
Tickets: Free entry! 
Doors: 8pm till 12.45am

Carters Bar Location 
This will be the first opportunity to hear and buy the new album. We are doing a very limited run of hand made packaging for this release which will be available on the night. Once these are gone they are gone. 
Looking forward to meeting y'all there.

(Arran) Jumpers for Goalposts

Posted by Viva Stereo on Mon 29th Nov 2010

Well folks, its that time of year again where you wonder what has been happening in viva-land.

Are we all still safe or has one of us gone out for milk muttering the eternal line 'I'm just going out for a walk, I may be some time?
Well, yes and no. There was one 'incident' that was heavily reported in the Oban Times but nothing was ever proven and Douglas has been let back into the village since then! Village life, you?ve got to love it.

For those that don?t know we know have a Viva base up in the Highlands, just down from Glencoe in fact, and there have been a couple of practices in village halls to the amazement of locals and tourists alike. Glencoe translates from the Gaelic to 'Glen of Weeping' and I?m pretty sure there was a lot of that the first time we practised after a summer off.
So what did we practice? Well after quite the lay off, we haven't released anything since 2008, we have been beavering away at new material and with all the fresh, wild country air we have been getting back to nature. Gone are the drum loops and 'electronic' sounds of old with a new, more organic sound. Hell, we?ve even managed to get Gav (Onthefly) in a headlock long enough to play drums on virtually the whole album. Yes I did say album. We have another one on the way and it is in fact getting pretty close to completion, but more of that later.
Where was I, oh yes the head lock. So sequencing and computer screens are out and sweaty rooms with drums are in. I tell thee, all these folkies finding their electronic sides right now and what do we go and do, swap it all for guitars and hitting things with sticks. Are we ahead of the curve or what?
We did make it back into the Diving Bell in Glasgow again at the start of November for another recording session. This one was just as fruitful as our visit in June. Unfortunately Stuart couldn't make it up but that meant that Tim and myself got to flex, uh-hmm, our vocal chords on a couple of tunes. Gav was with us again hitting things and Derek also came along to put down some rather nice piano on a tune. All in we now have eight tunes close to being finished with another two or three vying for position on the album. Its getting pretty exciting now as loose ends are beginning to be tied up and we are now in a position to discuss track listings. Many a fight can be started by track listing discussions. In fact, the last practise we had up here in the Nether Lochaber Village hall ended in more than fisticuffs as Tim and Doug had a go at each other in full boxing gear! I kid you not, the village hall is now partly given over to the local boxing club, I didn?t know there was one either, and when we arrived for a practise on the Saturday afternoon we were presented with a full boxing ring, multiple punch bags and one of those little punch bags that hang from the ceiling. Well, we all thought we were Rocky, as you do, and started punching everything. Great stuff. The only down side was that boxers sweat a lot and having had the gloves and head gear on for a few minutes, when you took it off that 'lovely aroma' clung to you for hours!

I digress, but there ain?t too much else to do up here so everything becomes a tall tale.

Mixing, track listing, art work, press releases, its all go go go in viva land and I've just completely contradicted myself. Oh well, no change there then!

Until the next time, which may be sooner than you think,

To download our new single for free of charge please go here.

we set sail

Posted by Viva Stereo on Mon 15th Nov 2010

Ok, been a while since we posted on here so I thought it was about time someone said something to somebody.

We?ll be posting a load of exciting new stuff in a few weeks but until then I thought I?d bridge the gap by rambling on a bit.
As you can see the website has been revamped which can only mean one thing..yes a new Viva Stereo release is on the horizon. Our 4th album proper should be out early 2011 and we are currently putting the finishing touches to it. As with all releases we are well chuffed with how it?s sounding so far. I wouldn?t say it?s a total massive step away from previous releases(well the band line up is the same) but I do feel our sound has matured a fair bit(well for a start I don?t think theres any swearing on this one!). We?ve always prided ourselves in being able to move on with each album and not stay in the same place. We could have written 10 ?Jesus Son?s? but it would have probably been the end of us after a couple of albums. However, nearly ten years on and we?re still plugging away and exploring new styles. This time though I think we?ve hit more of a live band sound. We?ve got Gav drumming live on nearly every track and haven?t been relying on the electro beats. Yes, as soon as the world and its wife goes electro and eighties sounding, we decide to change into a guitar band?
We?ve never really been a fashionable band..i think we had our finger on the pulse for about ten minutes back in 2005. These days I couldn?t tell you what was the next big thing, or who was cool or not. From about 2008 I?ve totally lost touch in new music. It?s pretty sad and I do miss it. But I think ?new music? is music that is ?new? to your ears and theres still plenty of great stuff to discover from the past. However, I was talking to a friend of mine and we were both saying that we missed buying an album from a new band and getting that feeling where you get a buzz from it. I don?t doubt there?s records out there that would do that to me now. But I just haven?t heard them. I hear the odd song that catches my ear but in most cases when I listen to more it?s usually a let down, or after the initial excitement it gets forgotten about.
I also get frustrated at the music press and their willingness to award everything high marks in reviews. I guess the problem is I read it then think ?oh better check that out? and most of the time its never going to live up to the hype. It?s very rare these days to see an album getting panned. I always remember The Gyres album getting 1 out of 10 in the NME and feeling a bit sorry for those guys as it can?t have been nice to read after spending so much time on something. However the album was sh*t so it was fairly justified. However these days certain journalists in certain publications tell you that the new Pete Doherty album is 9 out of ten which you know damn well its not and the journalist is probably getting kick backs or doesn?t want to lose out on any exclusives in the future by giving a bad review. Indie bands have become stars now with a lot of power. With music magazine publication sales figures falling faster than ever they need to get these stars to give exclusives and interviews tos ell papers. Whereas in the past, the indie scene was filled with bands who didn?t really have that many personalities..there were a few but the ones who did were usually a bit too cool to play the press game. I can?t imagine Luke Haines giving shit but then who remembers The Auteurs? So we have to contend with Dave from The Courteneers, of Tarquin from The Mystery Jets boring us to tears about another crap album that is hyped up beyond belief because the record company are sh*tting themselves that they won?t sell any and won?t make their money back.
I was listening to 6Music?s Jukebox Jury type programme ?Round Table? the other night. On the panel was Steve Mason from The Beta Band. When reviewing the singles he was giving pretty poor scores, 3 out of ten, 4 out of ten. When challenged about it he said, it wasn?t that he didn?t like the was just his scoring system was more realistic than most. In his opinion Marvin Gaye?s ?Sexual Healing? was a ten out of ten. So the latest indie guitar band playing generic indie rock would be round about a three out of ten. This resonated with me. I?d say Love?s ?Forever Changes? is a ten out of ten album so when I look at all the 8 out of tens, and nine out of tens awarded all over the shop I think ?Are they really as good as that??. What is the last classic album to come out? Elbow maybe with ?Seldom Seen Kid?? Prove we wrong though. Why am I ranting about this and probably setting myself up for a fall with our new album? Well, to be honest we stopped caring about that sort of thing along time ago and maybe its pure bitterness from me!
Music business eh? 10 years on you would have thought Viva Stereo would have given up and let it all go. But we?ve still got a lot to say and I think people will be surprised with this new album especially under our circumstances(i.e everyone living in different areas). But aye ten years on and still no sign of a Greatest Hits collection?..maybe next Christmas?.


Posted by Viva Stereo on Mon 15th Nov 2010

News Summer 2010

Posted by Viva Stereo on Sun 8th Aug 2010

Yes, through the depths of time and space we return with news from far off lands?or at least we think we do.

Just a fairly short news page to keep you uptodate with Viva Stereo related stuff.

In June we returned to our spiritual recording home of Diving Bell to continue work on our 4th album ?Endure the Darkness?. However, we soon realized our home had moved! So much excitement was flowing when we realized the old Diving Bell in the West End had moved to the new Diving Bell in the East End and in the process had tripled(at least) in size and was a much more comfortable recording experience. Not that we didn?t enjoy our time in the old Diving Bell?Christ, we recorded 90% of our output there but it could at times be a pretty cramped affair. So the new DB, complete with chill-out area, kitchen, couches and er..enough room to stand up without banging your head was a welcome change!

It was also led to one of our most productive session for a long time. We managed to record four new songs which we are really pleased with. Some further mixing/overdubs required but almost there. We should be back in over the next couple of months to record the remaining album tracks.
One of the demos' was played on this great internet radio show on 1/8/2010 so have a listen if you want to hear where we are going...

Gig-wise we?re afraid we have nothing in the pipeline and that will probably be the case for the rest of 2010. So, possibly the first year of VS where we haven?t gigged. Still, we have our reasons! We just feel that it would be pointless to book a gig this year to play the same old songs. However, next year is our 10th year as a band so we?re hoping to play some special gigs to celebrate this as well as

If there are any tunes in our back catalogue you?d like us to try out live or even some old faves you?d want to hear in the set then let us know and we?ll see about including them. Also, if you want us to look at coming to your area to play then let us know and we can start making moves to getting a gig. Obviously if you have any suggestion of venues/promoters near you then let us know ?

In other news, and outside VS, we?ve all been busy with various things?mostly outside the world of music.

However, Stuart is hard at work in Leicester putting on a small music festival with some friends. Viva Stereo would have been on the bill but we just felt we?d rather wait and that Stuart would be stressing out enough without having a Viva Stereo gig to sort out. However Stuarts other band, The Vitamin Sees will be on the bill. You can check out some of their new demo?s at:

The festival is for charity so if any of you fancy it you can find out some more info here:

The line up looks fantastic, and with a weekend ticket at only £10(including free cd) its great value for money.

The line up includes; The See See, Player Piano, Lonely Tourist, Thee Vicars, King Salami & The Cumberland Three, Chris Olley(ex Six By Seven), David Peter & The Wilde Sect plus many many more.

Ok, that?s all for now.

Take care.

Theres a Quiet Riot Going On

Posted by Viva Stereo on Tue 4th May 2010

Just a quick update on all things Viva Stereo related.
We were in the practice studio for THE SECOND TIME IN A YEAR! Christ! Yes, we went into the rehearshal room behind Tims flat in Edinburgh last Saturday for a quick run through of our new songs.
Life in Viva Stereo these days is interesting to say the least and with only a few run throughs of the four new songs, we intend to go into the studio and record these little beauties at the end of June. Fuck knows who they will turn out but its exciting stuff and maybe a more interesting alternative to playing them live a million times before committing them to tape.

Still, keeps it interesting so it does....

We're not sure at the moment when these songs will be released, probably not this year but more likely to be early next. All of our previous three albums have came out around October/November so we want to try for a Spring release this time...

In other news, we are all still keeping ourselves involved in various jusical things. Robs hiring out his local church hall to beat the shit out of his drumkit. Dougs just bought a very nice new epiphone guitar. Stuart has his other band on the go, 'The Vitman Sees'. They played their first gig down in Leicetester last month. They will be doing some recordings at the end of May so we'll let you know how that goes.

Until then.

Feb News 2010

Posted by Viva Stereo on Mon 1st Feb 2010

Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing.
Its still pretty quiet round these parts as we come out of hibernation from the winter.
We've been busy writing some new songs though. We were also recording back in November at Chem 19 in Glasgow with Paul Savage.
We recorded one tune, 'Endure the Darkness' with Rob from Ambrose Tompkins on vocals(pictured). It sounds amazing, pretty epic in a similar vein to 'Last Living Hope' and 'Tourniquet'.
We're hoping we can get the cash together to release it as a single later this year.
On top of that we've been writing some new stuff which will hopefully be included on an EP or mini album which could come out in 2011 to mark our tenth anniversary as a band. New song titles include 'Behind the Pews', 'Vultures' and 'Your Only Wonder'.
We've no gigs planned at the moment, but once we get a new set together then we'll be trying the new stuff out live to see how it goes. Watch this space as they say.
Rob has recently done some recording with Onthefly.
Stuart is currently writing songs with his new band 'The Vitamin Sees' ahead of their debut gig in April.
Stuart is also currently playing synth in another band called Gestalt . They will be releasing their debut album in the Spirng...cehck out their myspace page for some ace promo vids.
Thats all for now. We'll keep you informed about any progress.

News September 2009

Posted by Viva Stereo on Wed 2nd Sep 2009

As things have been fairly quiet round these parts we thought we?d just let you know we are still alive with a wee update.

Since the last time we reported a few things have been happening. On a personal level, the first member of Viva Stereo got married. Tim got married to Eilidh in May up in Dornoch so congratulations to them both. Obviously the whole band was in attendance(Rob was Best Man) with Stuart and Gav Onthefly spinning some discs at the end of the night. It was a grand day although Tim and Eilidh might have regretted putting the Viva Stereo lot on the same table!
Tim and Eilidh then spent their Honeymoon in Norway. Although Tim claims this was coincidence, that same weekend, the town they were staying in hosted a Heavy Rock Festival featuring such greats as Europe and Whitesnake. So yeah Tim was in his element we think!

Band wise, it has been quiet but a few things of note been happening.
March we played a one off gig in Dunoon. This turned out to be part of Tim?s Stag Night weekend. Four of us set off early one Friday to catch the ferry. It was our first gig of the year and we were lacking in practice but nevertheless looking forward to it. We?d booked a seaside hotel which was very nice and gave us the holiday bug. Some of us hadn?t been to Dunoon before so it was a nice thing to do for Tim?s Stag Night. We did get wary after witnessing a punch up in the street at 5pm but the gig itself, despite having some sound problems went not bad considering. Also on the bill were our long term partners in crime, Odeon Beat Club so it was good to catch up with them. The night ended(for Stuart and Doug anyway) back at a party at a hillside farm with OBC before a long walk back to the hotel at 5am through various dirt tracks. Just in time for the early morning alarm call at 8.00am and to catch the 10am Ferry, back over to Edinburgh for an all day drinking session for Tim?s Stag Night. Who says we?re getting too old to keep up?!

We picked some airplay in April with Radio One giving ?Knee High Boots a spin. Always nice to hear yourself on the radio even though we all missed it! Still, considering the album came out way back in November it was nice to get played.

April was most notable for this years Homegame. This was our 5th Homegame in succession and probably the best yet. Definitely our best crowd in terms of enthusiasm and mayhem. You can check out the final moments of our set complete with stage invasion here(the picture gets brighter about 30 seconds in when the house lights come on):

The Homegame itself was fantastic and we?d like to thank Johnny, Kenny and everyone at Fence records for getting us onboard. Special mention to Kate for sorting out the equipment. Closing the Saturday night was a real honour and despite the fact our lack of practice was probably apparent, we managed to put on a decent show?.or maybe everyone was too wasted to notice!
The weekend was jam packed with highlights, all four of us went in different directions and saw lots of stuff(and missed lots too unfortunately). A special mention must go to Onthefly for a fantastic set before us(and probably got us in the mood for playing more than anything!) Other highlights were The Phantom Band(who somehow ended up kipping on our floor on the Saturday night!), Malcolm Middleton, Pip Dylan, Strike the Colours, Candythief, Pictish Trail, English Bore, Kid Canaveral and loads who can forget Hardsparrow?s ?Mushroom Ghost?(?) tune which freaked Stuart out somewhat after a heavy night.
Roll on next year.

We also managed to sell all copies of our limited edition ?Viva Fence? album?.thanks to everyone who bought one.
Doug and Rob also played a solo gig in August at Glasgow's Liquid Ship. Blues Bunny reviewed the gig and said this:
"Executing a stylistic right turn were Viva Stereo. Or at least half of them anyway as there's normally more than two of them. One guy with a guitar and one guy with what looked like an old and cranky synthesiser treated us to a selection of stripped down songs that sounded like they came from an unholy alliance between the Pastels and Hawkwind. Normally the mere thought of Hawkwind would cause me to spit flames but the mischievous sense of humour that Viva Stereo brought to their performance diverted me from that. They didn't take themselves too seriously and they actually appeared to be enjoying themselves. Altogether rather pleasing, I'd say."

So what next? Well, work has started on some new ideas that might feature on a new album at some point later in the year. Currently we?ve got the bare bones of 6 or 7 tunes. To be honest we?ve wiped the slate clean and want to try some new things. As usual we?ve also got a couple of remix/collaborations on the go. One with the lovely fellow Fencer Iona Marshal, if you haven?t heard her yet check her stuff, its ace.
The other with a couple of friends from up state New York which is sounding pretty off the wall so far and definitely a departure in sound for us! We?ll get some snippets up in myspace when we are happy with how its sounding.
We?re going to be taking it slow and letting things develop. We?re very pleased with our first three albums but we feel its time to move on and try something new?.well, that?s the thinking at the moment..this could change and we?ll just release a rehash of previously released tunes!

Hope you all have a great Summer. Hopefully we?ll sort out some live gigs at the end of theyear.

Viva Stereo

Posted by Viva Stereo on Mon 3rd Nov 2008

Our new album is now available to purchase. We?ve put a couple of tunes from it on our myspace player for you to have a listen to.
You can order it online from here.

Its also available to download from itunes.

If you?d rather do things the old fashioned way and actually go into a shop then you can buy it from the following stockists:
Glasgow: Mono records, Avalanche Records
Edinburgh: Avalanche Records
Leicester: Rockaboom Records
Manchester: Piccadilly Records

If you?d prefer to send us a cheque we can sort that out too, just get in touch and we?ll get you an address to send it to.

It sounds great honestly! It features guest contributions from Onthefly, Malcolm Middleton, Chris Deveney from My Latest Novel, Candythief and King Creosote playing a bit of accordion...oooh yes.
We?re also playing the following live dates:
November 7th ? Glasgow ?Pin Up Nights at Stereo(Renfield Lane) with Licker (Late show...we will be onstage at midnight followed by DJ?s til 3am)
November 8th ? Aberdeen ? The Blue Lamp (De-Fence Records night)
December 13th ? Leicester ? Sumo (with The Dirty Backbeats, Emily Breeze & Ambrose Tompkins plus Onthefly -DJ set)

Theres a wee interview with us online here:

Ok, thats all for now. Please buy the new album!!

Roar Lion Roar

Posted by Viva Stereo on Tue 26th Aug 2008


Three years since the release of our last album, we are pleased to announce our return with a brand new album 'Roar Lion Roar'.

The third and final album in trilogy of self-released albums that started in 2004, this new album features a myriad of songs and we believe the strongest body of work we have released so far.

Now with all four of us living in different cities throughout the UK with Stuart furthest South in Leicester and Rob furthest North in Aberdeen, we have embraced the 'problem' by ironically recording their most cohesive record to date.

Although not a 'concept' album as such, it is the mixtape(or cd!) to the Saturday night excess, through Sundays soul searching and into Mondays drudgery of the 9-5 job. With us now all in their 30's and dealing with the inevitable pressures this brings, from financial burdens to parenthood to resisting the feeling that maybe it is time to 'grow up'(!), this album is a celebration of still enjoying life, love and the occasional allnighter.

The album was partly recorded at Diving Bell Studios in Glasgow with Marcus Mackay and partly recorded at Viva Stereo's own Footfall Studios. We also recorded one track with Paul Savage at Chem19, Chemikal Undergound's studio in Glasgow.

As with previous albums we've enlisted the help of some guests, Track 8 features Malcolm Middleton on vocals, Track 5 features Chris Deveney(My Latest Novel) on vocals, and Track 3 features Candythief(Fence Collective) on vocals. While Onthefly(Fence Collective) co-wrote track 6 and King Creosote added accordion to track 10.

The album will be officially released on November 10th, with a launch night in Glasgow at The Winchester Club as part of Pin Up Nights on November 7th. However, we will have the album in our online shop and on itunes in October. Just keep checking back, or check the myspace page for more uptodate info.

The tracklisting of the album is as follows:
1) Another Night Out
2) Glass
3) This Is Not an Exit
4) Knee High Boots
5) Last Living Hope
6) Pariah State
7) Night Owl
8) The Seaward
9) War Paint
10) Teenage Dreams
11) Everything Goes Wrong
12) Suffocation

We will be uploading some of these tracks onto our myspace page so you can have a sneaky preview in the run up to the records release. You can also check Youtube for some short videos we have made to accompany a couple fo the songs.

If you'd rather do things the old fashioned way and actually go into a shop then you'll be able to buy it from the following stockists:
Aberdeen: One Up Records
Glasgow: Mono records, Avalanche Records
Edinburgh: Avalanche Records
Leicester: Rockaboom Records
London: Rough Trade Records
Manchester: Piccadilly Records

If you'd prefer to send us a cheque we can sort that out too, just email us at vivastereo (at) and we?ll get you an address to send it to.

To coincide with the release we will be playing a couple of gigs:

November 7th - Glasgow - Pin Up Nights @ Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow(ALBUM LAUNCH)

November 8th - Aberdeen, The Blue Lamp (De-Fence Records night)

December 13th - Leicester - Sumo

We should be doing a proper tour in the Spring next year.

Other stuff...

We still have T-shirts available to purchase at £10 plus P&P. Red with black print or brown with white print. Get in touch for further information.

We are now on Facebook..just search for the band name and it should come up.

Ok, thats all for now. We would appreciate your support by buying our new album.

Miles Apart

Posted by Viva Stereo on Sat 20th Oct 2007

Yes, we are still very much alive. But we can forgive you for thinking otherwise! Its been a strange year for us. For the first time not one band member lives in our adopted home town of Glasgow. When we started Viva Stereo we all lived in basically the same postcode, but now hundreds of miles separate each of us...but we shall soldier on.

We are now in our 5th year as a band, and we?ve seen many of our peers come and go, watched so many next big things wither away, and so many bands split up over this time. However, maybe because of our sheer bloody mindedness or indeed our will to keep experimenting with different styles we find ourselves preparing the release of our third album and feeling the same anticipation as we did back at the beginning.

Yeah, it does get frustrating. Or it did. Being out of the Glasgow loop has helped us get on with doing our own thing without getting worked up about not getting that elusive festival slot or mentioned as "a band to watch". After all, five years is along time to be "the next big thing". Anyway, enough soul searching! We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new EP. The 'Miles Apart' EP will be available to download FREE OF CHARGE for a limited period only through our myspace site yes, four brand new tracks completely free of charge so you?ve no excuse apart from laziness. So DO IT NOW!! We will be changing the tracks around xmas time, so get in while you can.

The lead track from this Ep is taken from our forthcoming third album, 'Roar, Lion, Roar', which will be released early 2008. We?ve been working hard on the album at Diving Bell studios and we?re really pleased with how its sounding so far. We hope yet again to enlist the help of some special guests to give the songs an extra something but we have about 9 somgs almost complete with a further 2/3 in the wings. To coincide with the EP release we will be playing the following Scottish dates:

Saturday November 17th, Barfly(upstairs), Glasgow
Special 'Biff Bang Pow' and official EP launch night, with live sets from ourselves and dj sets from Onthefly and Paul from My Latest Novel until 3am. As well as free entry to the club downstairs. Tickets can be ordered from BarFly

Wednesday November 28th, Tunnels, Aberdeen

Thursday November 29th, Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Friday November 30th, Monty's, Dunfermline (Is This Music? Night)

We can't emphasis enough how sporadic Viva Stereo gigs are these days(this will only be our third Glasgow gig of the year. We used to play 3 a month!) so if you want to catch us live anytime soon, these are the gigs to go to.

New Album

Posted by Viva Stereo on Wed 30th May 2007

We've been busy in the studio. Rob, Tim and 'OnTheFly' have been blazing a trail on the new album. So far we have drums, bass and some guitars for about 4/5 of the tracks.
Stuart and Doug have still to put in their final recordings in for these. We hope to have it completed this year, but time we're not promising anything.
On a Live note, we're not playing again live till around November, so these are the last gigs while we invest some time pulling the album together.

New Release: De-Fence 10x10 003

Posted by Viva Stereo on Wed 30th May 2007

Two exclusive tracks, one side of 10" vinyl. We are very pleased indeed to be taking up space on one side of a 10 part limited collection of Vinyl. 20 Fence artists in one box by the end! Go here and buy them all:
De-Fence Records